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Year Tutors

If you have any problem which affects your studies you should normally first consult your Personal & Academic Tutor. If appropriate, you will be advised to make an appointment to see one of the Year Tutors, the School’s Director of Student Welfare, Student Union advisers or another University service, such as Counselling, University Health or Student Support and Guidance.

What do year tutors do?

Year Tutors cover Personal and Academic Tutoring duties of staff who are unavailable. They also see students referred to them by Personal & Academic Tutors for specific advice on academic development, the academic consequences of particular decisions (such as being ‘Not Assessed’), change of status and so on.

Year Tutors – Year 1

Contact Details

Tina McKevitt
Pauline Laidlaw
Julia Belshaw

Year Tutors – Year 2

Contact Details

Pete Odell
Mike Lambarth

Year Tutors – Year 3 & 4

Contact Details

Dr David Benbow
Sarah Robson-Burrell
Emma Marshall
Helen Raby