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Transfers & Withdrawals

Transferring to another course/university or withdrawing from the University is a big decision and we strongly recommend you talk over your decision with someone who can offer you the support and guidance you need to help you make an informed decision.

I’m thinking of withdrawing/transferring, what should I do?

There are a number of people within the School of Law, and throughout the University who are available to help you. In the first instance you should consult with your Personal & Academic Tutor (PAT) if you are considering transferring or withdrawing from the University. If your PAT is unavailable you can contact your Year tutor if you are on an Undergraduate Programme or your Programme Director if you are studying on a Postgraduate Programme.

You should also consider the practicalities of transferring or withdrawing from university such as:

  • Are you in University accommodation?
  • Are you an overseas student?
  • Have you thought about your finances?
  • Do you have a loan or student bursary

If so what effect will leaving or withdrawing from university have and how will you deal with it?

I’ve discussed my options with a suitable person, what do I do next?

If after you’ve talked to your PAT and considered the consequences of withdrawing or transferring from the University and still want to proceed, you must complete a change of status form.Please email the completed form to the Student Experience Team or drop it into the Reception in Bartolomé House Room CG01.

Can I talk to someone outside the School of Law?

The University of Sheffield takes the welfare of it’s students seriously and offers a number of support services for students who need help and support.