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Complaints & Appeals

If you feel that you have a complaint about the delivery and quality of services received, or about the delivery and quality of teaching, tutorial support, supervisory provision or any other matters relating to a programme of study you should approach the Head of School, Professor Robert Burrell, in the first instance with a view to seeking informal resolution.  If the matter is not satisfactorily resolved having completed that stage, you can then submit a further, second stage, complaint form to the University which will be referred for investigation at Faculty level.

Academic Appeals

The academic appeals process allows you to apply for a reconsideration of a recommended grade for any module, degree classification or examination. You need to be able to show that either there has been a procedural error or that there is new evidence concerning mitigating circumstances that was not made available to the examiners and that it could not have been produced at an earlier stage.

Appeals will not be considered against the academic judgement of the examiners or in respect of the quality of teaching or supervision prior to the examination unless you could not reasonably have been expected to have made this a subject of a complaint before the examination. You must apply in writing within 14 days of the publication of the exam results using the Academic Appeals Form. The appeal will then be considered by the appropriate Faculty Officer. If they find that there is a prima facie case they will either determine that the appeal be upheld or refer the matter to an Academic Appeals Committee where it will be dealt with in accordance with the established Procedures (involving a reopening of the issues originally dealt with by the Examiners).