If you are absent from University there are certain things you need to do. Please read the following section carefully. It tells you what you should do if you are absent from University, who you need to contact, and what forms you may have to fill in.

Absences Less than 7 Days

Students who find that their attendance is affected for less than seven days should complete a Student Self Certification Form. You can use this once per module per semester without submitting evidence alongside.

Absences Longer than 7 Days

For absences longer than a week which affect attendance, formally documented evidence must be provided. Students should complete an Extenuating Circumstances Form and submit this to the Student Experience Office. Forms can also be sent to law-exceptionalcircumstances@sheffield.ac.uk.  

Absences From Seminars

If you are absent from a seminar and you are able to go to a different seminar (you can check using the Law central teaching timetable), you can complete the online Change of Seminar Form.

How to do an Exceptional Change of Seminar

If you only need to attend a different seminar for one week you need to:

  1. Look at law central timetable to find the dates and times of other seminars.
  2. Complete the online Change of Seminar Form.

It is not enough to just sign the register in another seminar (we can’t mark you as present in a class you aren’t registered for).

There is a limit to the number of times you can do this – you should be attending your timetabled seminar.

Exceptional change of seminars are completely at the discretion of the seminar leader – they have the right to turn away additional students if the teaching room is full.

Please note: Exceptional changes are totally at the discretion of the seminar leader (of the seminar you want to go to). You can choose to contact them in advance via email to ask permission or ask them on the day. If the teaching room is completely full then students timetabled to be in the class will be given priority and exceptional change students may be turned away.