Recycle Week at the UoS 24 – 30 September

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Recycle Week at the UoS

This week is recycle week at the University of Sheffield. It’s a great opportunity to find out more about recycling at the University, what we are doing to improve recycling rates and what you can do to help.

Given the huge amount of waste we generate, it is the responsibility of all of us to recycle waste whenever we can. The University of Sheffield has produced a video as part of  a new campaign to increase awareness of recycling on campus. Watch the video below to find out more about recycling at the UoS.

Recycling at the University of Sheffield

Below is a list of everything we collect in our mixed recycling bins on campus. Please make sure items are rinsed clean before you put them in the bin otherwise they will contaminate the recycling and it will have to be thrown away.

  1. Paper (all types – newspapers, magazines, white paper, coloured paper, books etc)
  2. All grades of cardboard
  3. All colours of glass jars and bottles
  4. Tins, cans and metal foil
  5. Plastics

*Plastic bottles – anything with a lid, for example pop bottles, milk bottles (including bottle tops)
*Pots / tubs with lids, for example for soup pots and margarine tubs
*Hard pots without lids, for example yogurt pots and noodle pots
*Trays that hold fruit, vegetables, cakes and biscuits
*Plastic bags – polythene, but not film

Green Impact

The School of Law is also committed to cutting down on waste and improving recycling rates at Bartolomé House and throughout the wider University. If you want to find out what we are doing at the School of Law and learn more about what you can do help, you can find out more at the School of Law’s Green Impact web pages.

Recycling in Sheffield

Please note that our recycling facilities on campus are different from your recycling at home in Sheffield. For example whilst we recycle many types of plastic, Sheffield City Council only recycles plastic bottles and lids. If you live in Sheffield, please refer to Council guidance here: