Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)

The HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Record) provides a detailed picture of student achievement throughout a students’ time at university, including academic work, extra-curricular activities, prizes and employability awards, voluntary work and more!

What is HEAR?

Please note: HEAR is currently only accessible to undergraduate students.

The University can help you to demonstrate the valuable experience and skills you have gained whilst at University, by giving you official recognition for not only your academic achievements, but also your wider engagement and learning, by recording this in your HEAR.

HEAR Activities at the School of Law

The following activities in the School of Law can count towards your HEAR:

  • Pro bono (CommLaw, FreeLaw, MJRC, CJI, PSU only)
  • Employability & Skills Initiative (E&SI) -attend 7 or more sessions per academic year and complete a short reflective statement.

Please note that the Commercial Awareness Certificate workshops are not HEAR-able on their own, only as part of E&SI.

Find other HEAR-able activities here

You must meet certain criteria to gain HEAR recognition.

Students who have met the criteria will be contacted by email at the end of each academic year.