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Helping Hand are recruiting volunteers. As a project they do weekly walks where they go and talk to the homeless of Sheffield signposting them to the services they may require, where necessary. They also do fundraisers and collection drives to support the homeless of Sheffield.

There is a training session on the 21st November 2019 from 5-6pm in the Arts tower, lecture theatre 7 for anyone interested in volunteering with us.

The volunteer opportunities are very flexible and you can volunteer once every fortnight.

You will be helping to make a huge impact in someone’s day, helping them to feel seen, valued and helping guide them to services that can really impact their life.

It will be great to add to your CV, and you’ll get to meet other great, like minded people who share the same values as you.

If you would like to sign up to this please go to the volunteering office or email homelessness.project@sheffield.ac.uk