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Commercial Awareness Certificate

This Certificate is part of the Employability & Skills Initiative (E&SI)

This certificate incorporates a series of workshops designed for those who are interested in developing the skill of legal commercial awareness, both for the benefit of academic study and to assist in gaining employment after completion of academic study.


The Commercial Awareness Certificate is part of the Employability & Skills Initiative (E&SI) and is offered through 6 workshops spread across both semesters. Together, these topics will develop the skill of being commercially aware.

What is the purpose of the Commercial Awareness Certificate?

“I started this certificate to allow students the opportunity to better appreciate what attributes, skills and knowledge contribute to being more commercially aware.”

“The certificate is a unique offering to the University of Sheffield, and allows for students to speak directly with legal and other commercial professionals about a wide variety of interests and topics.”

“For any student who is looking to better develop their transferable, employability skills (whether guided specifically to the legal profession or not), taking part in this certificate is essential.”

Gareth Bramley – Founder of the Commercial Awareness Certificate

Commercial Awareness Certificate Workshops

The certificate will be awarded by the School of Law to students who attend 3 of the 5 workshops and complete the PebblePad resources (more information at the bottom of this page). Certificates will be emailed to students who have attended enough sessions at the end of the academic year (May/June).

In addition, each workshop counts towards recognition of E&SI on your HEAR reports. Please note that the CAC Workshops are not HEAR-able on their own, only as part of E&SI.

The certificate also offers the opportunity for students to create a video project on one of the topics studied, for entry into a prize draw sponsored by a leading law firm.

The workshops cover topics such as;

  • Understanding Law Firms and Understanding Their Clients

  • Commercial Awareness in a Litigation Context

  • Negotiating Skills

  • Issues Affecting New Developments in Legal and Commercial Practice

  • Life as a Trademark Attorney / Alternative Routes in the Legal Profession

  • Understanding Business Mediums

  • Video Production Skills (Workshop open to all students but essential for those wanting to participate in the annual Video Competition

Pepplepad Resources

This certificate includes a resource to allow you all to reflect on each session, and to allow you to store your notes and answers developed in each of the sessions attended. This resource is available via Pebblepad. If you would like to enrol on this resource, please email Gareth Bramley (

For those who wish to obtain the certificate, this resource should be completed in addition to attending 3 of the 5 workshops.

These are the instructions for accessing the Pebblepad workbook, once you are enrolled on it:

1. To access the Pebblepad workbook, please log into MUSE (using your username and password).

2. Select Pebblepad from the ‘my services’ tab (under ‘view all services’)

3. Then, on Pebblepad, please click on the ‘resources’ store. In that store, you should see the ‘commercial awareness certificate workbook’ to work through (workshop 1 is available now with space for notes, reflective questions, details of the speakers etc.)

4. Please make sure you press ‘Save’ after each time you work on the workbook!