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Finding your way around

Built as a hospital, Bartolomé House can be difficult to navigate. The maps and google walkthrough on this page should help you find your way around the building with ease.

Please direct all student enquiries to the Student Experience Office Reception (located on the right when you enter the building). Should you require assistance there is a porter’s station located inside the entrance where you can get assistance with general enquiries.

Bartolomé House Maps

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This is the lowest floor in the building (down two levels/four flights of stairs from the main entrance) where the student common room, cafe, computers and vending machines are located.

EG: DB13 means block D, basement, room 13

This is down one level/two flights of stairs from the main entrance.

EG: DLG11 means block D, lower ground floor, room 11

This is the floor you are on when you come in through the main entrance.

Professional services staff including the Student Experience Office, Research team and Marketing are located on this floor.

EG:EG03 means block E, ground floor, room 3

This is the floor one level up from the main entrance. The academic staff offices in block A and block E are on this floor.

EG: AF10 means block A, first floor, room 10

Lost Property

Please ensure that all items of personal property, including books and folders, are marked with your name, address and telephone number. The University cannot be responsible for any items of personal property.

Any items lost in Bartolomé House are handed in either to the Porter’s Lodge or the Student Experience Office Reception. If you lose anything, please ask at these locations.

Opening Times

Bartolome House:
Monday – Friday
08:00 – 18:00

SEO Reception:
Monday – Friday
09:00 – 16:30

(No access to Bartolomé House outside of our opening hours is permitted unless you are attending an organised teaching session, seminar, or organised event).

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