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Health & Safety

Everyone has a duty under the law to work safely and not do anything which would make things unsafe for others (Health & Safety At Work Act 1974, reg 7). As part of your registration you have agreed to abide by the same standards whilst at the University of Sheffield.

School Safety Representatives

We take the safety of staff, students and visitor’s to Bartolomé House very seriously. Within the school there are School Safety Representatives who ensure that the building is safe for all to use. If you have any concerns regarding safety at the School of Law please contact the School Safety Officer who will be able to assist and advise. Please familiarise yourself with the University’s Health and Safety Policy

Name Contact Information
Professor Graham Gee G.Gee@sheffield.ac.uk
Jill Copley J.Copley@sheffield.ac.uk

First Aid

Information about First Aid in the School of Law can be found here

Fire Safety

Information about Fire Safety in the School of Law can be found here

No Smoking Policy

The University has a strict no smoking policy that prohibits smoking in all areas of the University. Should you wish to smoke in the vicinity of the Bartolomé House, you are required to stand away from the main doors and use the smoking bins in the designated smoking area to dispose of your cigarette butts. This area is located the entrance of Bartolomé House to the left of the car park barrier, at the side of Bartolome Lodge.

Health and Safety at the School of Law

All students shall at all times, whilst they are on University premises or taking part in University activities, follow the Health and Safety Policy and comply with any health and safety instructions given to them including, but not limited to, the following;

  • Shall not, without the consent of the member of staff in charge of the areas or activity, introduce any equipment for use on University premises, alter any fixed installations, alter or remove health and safety notices or equipment, or otherwise take any action which may create hazards for persons using the premises or employees of the University;
  • Shall at all times, whilst in residence in University property, comply with all fire, safety and security procedures as laid down in the contract of residence;
  • Shall not, intentionally or recklessly, interfere with or misuse anything provided by the University in the interests of health, safety or welfare;
  • Shall conform to all instructions, written and oral, given to ensure personal safety and the safety of others;
  • Shall use protective or specialist clothing as required and shall use all safety equipment available;
  • Shall maintain all equipment in good condition, reporting any defects to their supervisor;
  • Shall report all occupational ill-health issues/accidents/incidents/near misses, whether or not injury is sustained, to their supervisor or the member of staff in charge of the activity or facility.

Important: Any electrical equipment (e.g. laptops chargers, phone/tablet chargers) must be fitted with a suitably fused, 3-pin UK plug to BS 1363.