Student Wellbeing Service

2020-09-08T13:58:43+00:00September 8th, 2020|Student Support|

Hello and welcome!

My name is Emily and I am one of the wellbeing advisors working in the Faculty of Social Sciences.

We understand that both starting University and moving into your next year can be both exciting, demanding and at times overwhelming. 

Whilst at University taking care of your wellbeing means that you will be more likely to handle daily stresses, be productive with your study and recognise your skills and abilities.

In addition you are more likely to have healthy relationships and connections with activities that are important to you.

Thinking about wellbeing is often something that happens when we have been struggling for a while.  Whilst it can be hard to recognise that things may not be going as you had hoped, talking things through and considering what you can do is probably going to be easier  sooner rather than later.

The Student Wellbeing service is available to all students registered at the University of Sheffield.  Wellbeing appointments focus on supporting you with your wellbeing.  This may be through reflective discussion, practical suggestions, self-help resources or signposting to other services.

You can read more about the service and book an appointment via our website (  

Students in the Faculty of Social Sciences can book an appointment with any of the advisors who work in Social sciences.  Meet the team: Jayne, David and Fiona.

You can also access our wellbeing blog, where you will find tips, information and suggested reading about wellbeing topics.

We look forward to meeting you.