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Wellbeing is fundamental to our overall health, enabling us to successfully overcome difficulties and achieve what we want out of life.  Taking notice of our wellbeing is an important aspect of safeguarding a balanced and healthy approach to life.

Psychologists use the term wellbeing to describe the type of happiness that is based on meaning, purpose, and fulfilling one’s potential.  Research consistently shows that those who cultivate meaning and purpose, develop skills and competencies, exercise autonomy, attend to their relationships, and try to contribute to things they care about, even when it is stressful and difficult, are psychologically healthier. They have higher self-esteem, lower risk of depression, and greater satisfaction with their lives.

Here at The University of Sheffield Student Wellbeing Service we take a holistic approach to wellbeing and emotional health, and we recognise that both psychological understanding and self-care (as illustrated in our service Wellbeing Wheel above) play an important part in helping to improve and maintain wellbeing and ensure the smooth continuation of academic life.

The Student Wellbeing Service provides confidential short-term tailored one-to-one support and could be helpful if you are feeling down, overwhelmed, or struggling to adjust to university life. We offer a holistic assessment of need to help you recognise and understand your difficulties and utilise a range of therapeutic interventions, self-help techniques and practical advice to formulate a plan to get you back on track.

We have 5 Wellbeing Advisors assigned to Social Sciences currently offering remote support via Google Hangouts, telephone, or Google Chat.  Sessions last for a maximum of 40 minutes and you can access the service as often as you like to ensure that you stay well throughout your engagement with the University.

For more information about our service or to make use of the support that we offer, please visit the Student Wellbeing Service Website where you can directly book an appointment with your faculty Wellbeing Advisor.

As a member of our wellbeing community, you may also find our Student Wellbeing Service Blog a useful resource, you can find a link to the blog on our service website

or directly access our blog here >

We will regularly update the blog with articles and helpful advice to support you to look after yourself and remain connected throughout this challenging period.

We look forward to supporting you, in the meantime take care and stay safe.

Steve Race (Manager – Student Wellbeing Service) & the Student Wellbeing Team