School of Law students blog for the Jean Monnet Network

2019-03-08T11:27:05+00:00March 8th, 2019|Research|

School of Law students Madeleine Dowd, Sana Shah and Serena Fernandes have been working with Professor Tammy Hervey to write blog posts for the Jean Monnet Network.

The Jean Monnet Network brings together a number of specialists with the aim of producing content in the study of comparative health law and policy. Part of its mandate is to provide opportunities for experts across fields and jurisdictions to share best practices, identify common policy challenges, and to strengthen institutional ties across regions in order to fill information gaps. The aim of the Network is to provide a clear focus point for the comparative study of health policy across the European Union and North America.

Blogs published so far include:

The Draft Agreement on the withdrawal of the United Kingdom – what does it mean for healthcare?

Khan v MNX: How can you measure the scope of a doctor’s liability in cases of wrongful birth?

New digital platform launched for NHS workers in England

Dr Bawa-Garba – Medical liability in team-based, underesourced health care settings

Does Transgender Sterilisation Law violate the Right to Health (Article 11 of the European Social Charter) in the Czech Republic?

The case of Noel Conway and the United Kingdom’s Supreme Court’s recent decision to reject his right to die

NHS long-term plan: Focus on prevention ‘could save 500,000 lives’