Enactus Sheffield, a student-run, non-for-profit social enterprise company based at the University of Sheffield

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Are you a driven, innovative, unique individual? 

Do you have the potential to bring new and dynamic ideas and put them into practice?

Do you want to help those in need, such as the homeless or those living below the poverty line? 

Do you want to secure a job at some the biggest companies in the UK after university?

Then isn’t it about time you did something about it? Joining ENACTUS Sheffield can give you opportunities to do all of these things…

Enactus Sheffield is a student-run, non-for-profit social enterprise company based at the University of Sheffield, and one of fifty-nine UK teams involved in the worldwide Enactus network.

We aim to harness students’ entrepreneurial spirit to find sustainable social enterprise solutions to problems in our local community and around the world.

We work alongside members of the community to tailor our solutions to their needs, and aim to empower local people as part of each enterprise. Our projects take our members around the world, with members travelling to Zambia, Nigeria, Malawi and Bolivia implementing and expanding our projects.

Alongside our community projects we have commercial projects to fund what we do. We run 6 profitable business ventures generating thousands of pounds each year. We are looking for new, refreshing ideas to increase our revenue. YOU could be part of the team that creates the most profitable commercial project to date.

Best thing is, you don’t have to have any experience in enterprise or volunteering, as we give you all the training and support you need to deliver a fantastic project.

And more than that, we’re part of a global network that supports the amazing work we do, with sponsor companies such as Asda, KPMG, Centrica and Accenture to name just a few. So, if you have your eye on a graduate job (which let’s face it, all of us do) then join today to have access to this network of companies keen to employ you.

If you are up for the challenge and are looking to vastly improve your employability while helping those most in need, then come to one of our intro talks below, a chance to hear more about how to become a member, meet the team, understand the exciting projects you could get involved in and ask any questions!

Come to our intro talks to hear more:

Thursday 8th February 5-6pm, Arts Tower LT1

Monday 12th February 5- 6pm, Arts Tower LT1

Thursday 15th February 5- 6pm, Arts Tower LT1

If you have any difficulty getting to these intro meetings, do not hesitate to contact our HR Director at: hreaney@enactussheffield.org

Or apply here: http://groupspaces.com/sheffieldsife/join/

We look forward to seeing you all there!

Find us on Facebook and twitter for regular updates.

F: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sheffield-SIFE/222901144422654?sk=info

T: http://twitter.com/enactussheff